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Plone UI integration for plone.tiles

Plone’s Specific Implementation of Tiles is Plone’s UI integration for plone.tiles.

This package contains the following things:

  • A view @@add-tile, and an associated form, which can be used to create a new tile based on the tile’s schema. For transient tiles, this merely redirects to a URL with an appropriate query string. For persistent tiles, it will also save the necessary data. This will fire an IObjectCreatedEvent as well as an IObjectAddedEvent for the newly created tile (a transient object) when successfully submitted. In the case of the IObjectAddedEvent, the newParent attribute will be the tile’s context, and the newName attribute will be the tile’s id.
  • The @@add-tile view, when accessed directly, allows the user to choose from all available tiles (subject to the tile’s add permission) and redirects to the appropriate @@add-tile/<tile-type> URL to configure the tile.
  • A view @@edit-tile, and an associated form, which can be used to edit a tile based on the tile’s schema. This will fire an IObjectModifiedEvent for the modified tile (a transient object) when successfully submitted.
  • A view @@delete-tile, where the user may select a tile type, enter a tile id, and opt to clear out any persistent data for that tile. This can also be called by AJAX code given appropriate request parameters. This will fire an IObjectRemovedEvent for the removed tile (a transient object). The oldParent attribute will be the tile’s context, and the oldName attribute will be the tile’s id.

The default add and edit forms should suffice for most use cases. You can use plone.autoform to configure alternative widgets, either by hand or via plone.directives.form.

If you need a custom form, you can register an add view as an adapter from (context, request, tileType), where tileType is an instance providing plone.tiles.interfaces.ITileType.

The actual integration of the various views is left up to other packages (such as the Deco editor).


  • Martin Aspeli
  • Sjoerd van Elferen
  • Rob Gietema
  • Israel Saeta Pérez
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Florian Friesdorf
  • Erico Andrei
  • Alec Mitchell
  • Rok Garbas
  • David Glick
  • Marcio Mazza
  • Hector Velarde


2.2.0 (2015-09-04)

  • Remove unnecessary dependency on [datakurre]
  • Fix issue where expected all drafted tiles to be mentioned in very specific layout field; Fixed to sync all drafted tiles instead [datakurre]

2.1.0 (2015-05-25)

  • Remove deprecated support for @@delete-tile/tile-id and refactor view at @@delete-tile/tile-name/tile-id into a form to support automatic CSRF protection in Plone 5 [datakurre]
  • Remove status messages from tile form operations [datakurre]
  • Remove tiledata JavaScript-variable from tile form templates [datakurre]
  • Change imagescaling data for persistent tiles to be saved into tile data instead of a separate annotation [datakurre]
  • Fix issue where tile preview during drafting did not use drafting tile data for the preview [datakurre]
  • Fix issue where catalog source could not properly check permissions on tile edit form with wrapping edit form tile data into acquisition wrapper [datakurre]
  • Fix tile form action URLs to contain transient tile state [datakurre]
  • Move tile form action info JSON in form action redirect URLs from query to fragment [datakurre]

2.0.0 (2015-04-21)

  • Remove base tag, which is removed in Plone 5 [robgietema]
  • Change tile delete API to match add and edit APIs [simahawk]
  • Change add traversal tile type parameter from tiletype to justa type [bloodbare]
  • Add Italian translation [gborelli]
  • Add nextURL as function for AddForm and DefaultEditForm for better overriding support [datakurre]
  • Add to send out events after status message created [vangheem]
  • Add imagescaling [ableeb, simahawk]
  • Add tile editing to trigger object modified event [ableeb]
  • Add AddTile-permission [tisto]
  • Add support for deferred security checking for traversal (fixes #3) [cewing]
  • Add tile wrapper template for reusable common tile structure [garbas]
  • Fix to not crash when contains missing tiles [datakurre]
  • Fix issue with wrong doctype for reponses with inline javascript [jpgimenez]
  • Fix issues with changed plone overlay API [garbas]
  • PEP8, coverage, packaging and test fixes [garbas, gforcada, hvelarde, jfroche, tisto]
  • Remove custom classes (klass) option from tile base schema [vangheem]

1.0.1 (2012-06-25)

  • fixing 1.0 release which was broken (missing README.rst) [garbas]

1.0 (2012-06-23)

  • initial release. [garbas]
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