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configurable viewlet manager

Latest Version: 2.0.11


by Florian Schulze <>.

This component expects you to register storage.ViewletSettingsStorage as a local utility providing IViewletSettingsStorage (CMFPlone does this). The viewlet manager in manager.OrderedViewletManager can then get the filter and order settings. These settings can be configured by 3rd party products and TTW to customize the viewlets per skin.


2.0.5 (2014-02-23)

  • Do not catch conflict errors and keywordinterrupt in viewlet manager. We can programmatically setup the exceptions that are not caught. [thomasdesvenain]
  • If render fails, be more verbose about the exception to know where and how it happens in the stack. [kiorky]
  • refactor JS in template [petschki]

2.0.4 (2013-08-13)

  • Handle exception during viewlet rendering process: log the exception and display an error message. [toutpt]

2.0.3 (2012-12-15)

  • Hiding viewlets for skinname="*" was not working properly. Closes [garbas, WouterVH]
  • Add as dependency to get the list of existing skins. [WouterVH]
  • Add [WouterVH]

2.0.2 - 2011-01-11

  • Depend on Products.CMFPlone instead of Plone. [elro]
  • Explicitly unregister IViewletSettingsStorage utility to prevent test bleed. [esteele, cah190]

2.0.1 - 2010-07-18

  • Update license to GPL version 2 only. [hannosch]

2.0 - 2010-07-15

  • Silence Nothing to import / export. log messages. [hannosch]

2.0b5 - 2010-06-03

  • Removed duplicated class statement in for compatibility with Chameleon. [pilz]

2.0b4 - 2010-05-01

  • Implement IViewView so viewlets registered to this interface can be managed. [elro]
  • Use Unicode up/down arrows in @@manage-viewlets. [esteele]

2.0b3 - 2010-03-03

2.0b2 - 2010-02-17

2.0b1 - 2009-12-27

  • Use the new package. [hannosch]

2.0a2 - 2009-12-16

2.0a1 - 2009-11-14

  • Added translations for Show/Hide labels in @@manage-portlets view: label_show_item and label_hide_item. These msgids are shared with @@manage-viewlets view to show/hide viewlets. This closes [naro]
  • Use JS calls to handle show/hide/move actions instead of forcing a page reload. Will fall back to old method if JavaScript is not available. [esteele]

1.2.2 - 2009-03-07

  • Specified package dependencies. [hannosch]
  • Made the manager code more tolerant and not fail when no storage is found. [hannosch]
  • Made the @@manage-viewlets screen use the ‘managedPortlet’ CSS class instead of ‘portlet’, so it’s more usable with a custom theme. This closes [davisagli]

1.2.1 - 2008-07-07

  • Fixed bogus AttributeError masking the real ExpatError on syntax errors in viewlets.xml. (See test in r21161.) [davisagli]

1.2 - 2008-03-09

  • Separated the base functionality and the parts necessary for TTW customization into two classes, so we can use this manager in the html head. [fschulze]
  • Fix a syntax error in the export/import code [wichert]
  • Add a HISTORY.txt file [wichert]

1.0 - 2007-08-16

  • Initial release
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