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plone.i18n 2.0.2

Advanced i18n/l10n features

Latest Version: 4.0.0


Advanced i18n/l10n features useful in a CMS environment.


2.0.2 (2012-08-29)

  • Avoid infinite loop if buggy queryUtility() returns normalizer instance of wrong class. Fixes [patch by Sardtok, applied by kleist]

2.0.1 (2012-07-02)

  • Use zope.browserresource. [hannosch]
  • Converted most tests from doctests to proper unit tests. [hannosch]
  • Fixed various native names of African languages. Added nd, nr and ve language codes. Thanks to Dwayne Bailey and Roche Compaan. [hannosch]
  • The max_length argument was ignored by plone.i18n.normalizer.ja.Normalizer. [rossp]

2.0 - 2010-07-18

  • Use the standard libraries doctest module. [hannosch]
  • Update license to GPL version 2 only. [hannosch]

1.1b1 - 2010-01-24

  • In practice the Unidecode data didn’t produce good enough results for various languages. We therefor limit the transliteration approach again to latin-like languages and introduce a UNIDECODE_LIMIT. This closes [hannosch]

1.1a3 - 2009-12-27

  • Use the flag of Bangladesh for the Bengali language (code: bn) in general and not only for the bn-bd variant. This closes [hannosch]
  • Fixed the IIDNormalizer to generate valid CSS ID or Python variable names as specified in its docstring. It no longer tries to preserve filename extensions. This closes [hannosch]
  • Added a new explicit base normalizer for Thai, as the Unidecode based transliteration isn’t good enough. [hannosch]
  • Added new specific normalizer for Japanese, which avoids the Unidecode based transliteration. This refs [hannosch]

1.1a2 - 2009-12-02

  • Depend on and include Unidecode based transliterations. These provide more meaningful results than unicodedata NFKD normalizations or hex codes. [hannosch]
  • Added cs-cz combined language code. It solves problem with default language on new Plone site creation (Safari/Mac). [naro]
  • Added catalan flag. This closes [ramon]
  • Added missing ‘native’ descriptions to pt-* combined languages. [igbun]

1.1a1 - 2009-04-04

  • Removed the negotiator sub-package, as it hasn’t been enabled or used yet. The functionality is better placed as a WSGI-middleware. [hannosch]
  • Register all dependencies in Move test dependencies into a separate extra to keep the dependencies low so things like the normalizer can be used in non-zope contexts. [wichert]

1.0.9 - Unreleased

1.0.8 - 2009-10-15

  • Added new UNDERSCORE_START_REGEX to the file normalizer. This removes any leading underscores from uploaded file names. Objects in Zope cannot start with an underscore, so it makes little sense to generate suggested file names which cannot work. [hannosch]
  • Added bulgarian normalizer. [vlado]

1.0.7 - 2008-11-05

  • Allow _ as a valid character in file names and URLs. Do not remove # from file names. It only has a special meaning for URLs. [hannosch, sidnei]

1.0.6 - August 18, 2008

  • Added normalization for a French-only character (igature of o and e) which isn’t part of ISO 8859-1. This closes [dbaty, hannosch]
  • Fixed the greek character normalization based on a patch by ggozad. This closes [hannosch]
  • Changed the default normalization of characters used in Scandinavian languages to meet the most common rules. This is based on a discussion with translators from all Scandinavian countries. [hannosch]
  • Added a subdomain language negotiator (e.g. [stefan]

1.0.5 - May 22, 2008

  • Added a new max_length argument to the normalize method. This allows you to override the default values for the maximum length on a call basis. [hannosch, fschulze]
  • Added a new MAX_URL_LENGTH constant used by the URL normalizer. It defaults to 255. [hannosch]
  • Added ‘`’ to the list of dangerous chars, which will be removed by the url and be replaced with a dash by the file name normalizer now. [hannosch, mj]

1.0.4 - April 19, 2008

1.0.3 - February 13, 2008

  • Updating the flag/language listings. Updating readme to include the flag mapping logic. This closes [limi]
  • Adding all the Arabic-speaking countries with their respective flags, and adding a generic flag to represent Arabic in general (verified to be OK with two independent, native residents). [limi]
  • Added tests for the filename and url request adapters. We have now 100% test coverage. [hannosch]
  • Wrote tests for the locale-aware id normalizer and fixed a bug in it. [hannosch]
  • Added more tests. [hannosch]
  • Removed unused and untested ‘native’ from country information. [hannosch]
  • Don’t allow double quotes in normalized urls. This closes [hannosch]

1.0.2 - November 24, 2007

  • Remove those [] brackets from file names as well. [hannosch]
  • Increase the maximum filename size to 1023 and make it independently configurable. [hannosch]

1.0.1 - October 7, 2007

1.0 - August 13, 2007

1.0rc1 - July 9, 2007

  • Merged udg-sprint branch. This adds a Zope3-based configurable language negotiator with similar functionality as PloneLanguageTool. It is not enabled by default. [hannosch]
  • Added the reference to the Faroese flag. [deo]
  • Remove more punctuation characters as for example using a comma in the title results in a not so friendly ID. This closes [hannosch]

1.0b1 - March 5, 2007

  • Initial implementation. [hannosch]
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