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plone.recipe.precompiler 0.5

zc.buildout recipe to precompile python and po files.

Latest Version: 0.6

Buildout recipe to precompiles Python and locale files in an egg list.

Why precompilation?

Python ordinarily compiles .py files into .pyc or .pyo byte code files on demand. Likewise, applications like Plone often compile .po locale files into .mo representations when needed.

However, if you are running a Python application as a daemon and wish to prevent write access to code directories, you want to do these compilations at buildout-time, not run-time. That’s where this recipe comes in. Passed an egg list, it will pick up all the eggs in the buildout working set for the list and find and compile .py and .mo files in place.

.mo file compilation is optional, and must be turned on.


Please note that usage changed with release 0.5. If you need the old options, use 0.4

Common usage:

parts =
eggs = ...

recipe = plone.recipe.precompiler
eggs = ${buildout:eggs}
compile-mo-files = true

This recipe may return harmless warnings regarding the inability to compile skin layer scripts, which typically have “return” outside of a function. While these warnings are harmless, you may suppress them by tuning the skip list.


recipe = plone.recipe.precompiler

eggs = required: list of eggs

compile-mo-files = true/false; default is false

extra-paths = optional list of additional paths
that would not be found from eggs in multiple indented lines
quiet = true/false; if true, common errors are only shown when buildout’s
verbose flag is set.


This recipe was created for use in Plone installers, but is hopefully useful in many buildout contexts.

Change history

Changelog for plone.recipe.precompiler.


  • Suck up error messages and filter them to hide .po compile errors and .py “return outside function” errors when quiet option is true (default). (smcmahon)
  • Make the extra-paths work with the new working set method for finding eggs. (smcmahon)
  • Removed BBB code. The new way of finding eggs introduced by chaoflow is much better than my original. (smcmahon)
  • removed the functionality to automatically extract products directories from parts with the zope2instance recipe. This resulted in buildouts that always installed ALL parts. If you need the products dir, you must declare it explicitly like so: dirs = ${instance:products} (do3cc - 2012-07-12)

0.4 (2010-08-12)

  • support for walking eggs dependencies, without skip/rx, manually tested. (chaoflow - 2010-08-12)
  • support for compiling mo files in those egg dirs, manually tested. (chaoflow - 2010-08-12)
  • kept old syntax and code, just don’t specify eggs (untested)


  • support to recursively compile list of dirs, with subdir blacklist and file blacklist regex. (Steve McMahon)


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