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plone.recipe.unifiedinstaller 4.3.2

ZC Buildout recipe for Plone Unified Installer install finalization

This recipe is used by the Unified Installer Buildout to do finishing work like writing the adminPassword.txt and ZEO control scripts.

Please file bugs to and specify the component “Installer (Unified)”.

Tests for this recipe are in the Unified Installer.


Full pathname to a POSIX-compliant shell. Used in ZEO start, stop, etc. scripts. Default: /bin/sh
Command – if needed – to run process as root. Used only in adminPassword.txt. Default: ”
Name of the ZEO server part if any. If missing, the recipe will scan other buildout parts for one using plone.recipe.zope2zeoserver and use its name. If a zeoserver is specified or found, ZEO start, stop, etc. scripts will be written.
Names of Zope client parts in the buildout. If missing, the recipe will scan other buildout parts for one using plone.recipe.plone.recipe.zope2instance and use their names.
Port of the primary client instance. Used in the adminPassword.txt file. Default: 8080
User name and password for the initial Zope administrator. Use the format “user:password” Default: None. Must be specified.

Change Log


  • Fix bug that caused failure in buildout if clients were directly specified. [smcmahon]


  • Fix bug that prevented plonectl from starting in a non-zeo configuration. [MatthewWilkes]


  • Add new options to handle separate daemon and buildout users.
  • Check parts list in a way that doesn’t force building of every part.
  • Remove backward compatability code that created specific function scripts for start/stop/status.


  • Remove documentation for buildout -n. Add sudo to bin/buildout for root installs.
  • When stopping a ZEO cluster, stop the server last.


  • Add ‘console’ command.
  • Add .html readme.


  • Remove automated creation of Plone site.


  • Revert damaged logo.


  • Take buildout:parts-directory into account when writing out parts/README.txt. Fixes #9242, Thanks, cah190.
  • Call with the current sys.executable if it exists, as to run it with pythonw.exe during the Plone Windows installer’s install.


  • Quote arguments when init’ing plone site in case module path has space(s).


  • Add “plonectl” general-purpose control script.
  • Add facility to install plone_init_content


  • Check the directory, not the file. The directory may not exist.


  • Have all the cluster scripts check permissions on var before proceeding.


  • Split adminPassword.txt and README.txt files. Enhance README.
  • Add bin/ script to restart clients only.


  • Refactored templates and bin scripts into separate files.
  • Restored (fixes #7692, thanks Graham Perrin).
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