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Personal profile + follow/unfollow functionality for the Plonesocial suite

Latest Version: 0.6.1

============ is part of the `plonesocial suite`_.

This package provides a building block for Plone integrators who want to create a custom social business solution in Plone.

If you're an end-user looking for a pre-integrated solution, you should install `plonesocial.suite`_ instead.
=================== provides user profiles with follow/unfollow functionality.
It intercepts and overrides the default Plone ``author.cpt`` profile page.
If `plonesocial.activitystream`_ is installed, it will show status updates on the profile page.

Additionally, provides ``@@following`` and ``@@followers`` views
that enable exploration of the social graph.

Core rendering logic is factored into two content providers, ``maxiprofile_provider``
and ``miniprofile_provider``. This enables and promotes code re-use across different views.

All browser views are anchored on the Site Root, so technically there's no user context
in the form of a Member folder required.

For a full social networking stack, install `plonesocial.suite`_.


Uninstalling either `plonesocial.microblog`_ or plonesocial_network removes both utilities, deleting all data.

.. _plonesocial suite:
.. _plonesocial.microblog:
.. _plonesocial.activitystream:
.. _plonesocial.suite:


Guido Stevens, Author


0.4.1 (2012-10-09)

* oops. merge. [gyst]
* ignore dist [gyst]
* small fixes [gyst]
* fix inline form submission handling [gyst]
* add profile navigation [gyst]

0.4 (2012-10-09)

Initial release.

* update docs [gyst]
* fix dependency [gyst]
* reindent for better pep8 [gyst]
* finish following/followers views [gyst]
* extract maxiprofile provider [gyst]
* base skel for following/followers view [gyst]
* provide clear [gyst]
* more styling [gyst]
* intercept /author and redirect to /@@profile [gyst]
* follow/unfollow buttons [gyst]
* s/followees/following/ [gyst]
* document weird uninstall behaviour [gyst]
* show plonesocial.activitystream, if installed [gyst]
* provide consistency with plonesocial.activitystream [gyst]
* GS name [gyst]
* base profile [gyst]
* a monkey that works, thx enfold [gyst]
* monkeypatch image sizes -- doesnt work :-( [gyst]
* fix [gyst]
* base skel for traversable profile view [gyst]
* doc [gyst]
* core follow/unfollow social graph API [gyst]
* provide noop tool install [gyst]
* remove src indirection [gyst]
* initial checkin from zopeskel [gyst]  
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