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plonesocial.suite 0.4.3

Pre-integrated social business suite for Plone

Latest Version: 0.5.3


The PloneSocial suite is an integrated set of social business add-ons for Plone.

PloneSocial provides a full microblogging solution, including activity streams, user profiles and follow/unfollow functionality.


This package is targeted at end-users and integrators.

This is the integration package for all the various plonesocial.* packages into a single consistent user experience that’s easy to install.


Add the plonesocial.suite egg to your buildout:

eggs =

Run the buildout.

Install “Plonesocial Suite” via the Quickinstaller.

If you need some demo content to play with, you can run the “Plonesocial Suite (demo)” profile from GenericSetup.

Features and Roadmap

The 0.4 release of plonesocial.suite provides:

  • microblog status updates
  • personal profile with follow/unfollow - and following/followers social graph views
  • activitystream, with integrated: - status updates - content creation - discussion replies - hashtag support - filter by “following”

The slideshow of the PloneSocial presentation at PloneConf2012 is available on Slideshare.

An extensive roadmap for the plonesocial suite is available on github.


Plonesocial consists of:

An out-of-the-box social business experience integrating all of the plonesocial.* packages. If you’re an end user, this is what you’re looking for. It installs and integrates all of the following components automatically.
Status updates.
Lists content changes, discussion replies, and status updates.
Follow/unfollow of users.
Favoriting of content. Planned.
Developer buildout. Not a Python package. Intended for Plonesocial developers only.


Guido Stevens, Author

Leonardo J. Caballero G. Asko Soukka


0.4.3 (2013-04-29)

  • plonesocial navigation bar should not be visible to anon [gyst]
  • Robot integration tests with Travis/Saucelabs integration [gyst, datakurre]

0.4.2 (2012-11-26)

  • update changelog, release [gyst]
  • provide a virtualenv-enabled Travis buildout that can be debugged on a dev box [gyst]
  • re-activate code analysis tests (but only on plonesocial.suite itself) [gyst]
  • Added locales and i18n extract script [macagua]
  • Added more improvements about i18n support [macagua]
  • Updated contributors file [macagua]
  • Updated changelog file [macagua]
  • disable pep8/pyflakes for now [gyst]
  • fix packages to be tested [hvelarde]
  • pep8/pyflakes [hvelarde]
  • update Travis CI configuration to include pep8/pyflakes testing [hvelarde]
  • oops we do need test-eggs [gyst]
  • ignore dist [gyst]
  • move sources into ./src/ to enable multi-package tests on Travis [gyst]
  • update location of extended configuration as the plonetest repo was moved to GitHub [hvelarde]
  • update list of ignored objects [hvelarde]
  • Cannot get multi-package tests to work with Travis [gyst]
  • let Travis run the full cross-integrated test suite [gyst]
  • cleanup, bump version, update docs [gyst]
  • add Travis CI configuration [hvelarde]

0.4.1 (2012-10-09)

  • fix rst formatting [gyst]
  • update install doc [gyst]
  • tune demo generator [gyst]
  • merge: provide integration menu [gyst]

0.4 (2012-10-09)

This release integrates

  • update docs [gyst]
  • fix dependency [gyst]
  • reindent for better pep8 [gyst]
  • enable by default for Documents, Events and News Items [gyst]
  • flush_queue is now public [gyst]
  • setup demo graph [gyst]
  • demo users + microblog updates [gyst]
  • link [gyst]
  • integrate [gyst]
  • GS name and [gyst]
  • version bump to 0.4 [gyst]

0.3 (2012-05-21)

  • update changelog [gyst]
  • renamed portletmanager [gyst]
  • fix test setup [gyst]
  • nicer Add-on profile name [gyst]
  • bump version [gyst]

0.2 (2012-05-04)

  • activity stream view is renamed [gyst]
  • automate view and portlet assignments [gyst]
  • get rid of src dir indirection [gyst]
  • undo “extract standalone view from plonesocial.activitystream” - manual merge of multiple changes [gyst]
  • update documentation [gyst]
  • hide stream viewlet, show only in dedicated standalone view by default [gyst]
  • cleanup extraction and declare dependencies [gyst]
  • extract standalone view from plonesocial.activitystream [gyst]

0.1dev (Unreleased)

  • initial checkin from ZopeSkel [gyst]
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