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pluckr 0.0.3

Pluck columns from CSV files in the command line. Like cut or awk, but doesn't choke on delimiter escaping.

Latest Version: 0.0.9

Pluck columns from csv files in the commandline. Like cut or awk, but without choke on delimiter escaping.


pip install pluckr. Done.


Grab columns 2 and 3 from stdin:

pluckr -f 2,3 < sample1.csv

Or straight from a file:

pluckr -f 2,3 sample1.csv

You can also use Python’s negative indices… grab the first and last cols:

pluckr -f 1,-1 sample1.csv

Fields that don’t exist (e.g. -f11111) will be ignored.

Skip header row(s):

cat sample1.csv | pluckr -s1

Read (and write) various delimiters:

pluckr -d, –out-delimiter=| < with-commas.csv > with-pipes.csv

Note that passing tabs as arguments can be awkward; in a pinch, use:

pluckr -d $’t’


Via –help:

usage: pluckr [-h] [-f FIELDS] [-i INVERSE] [-d DELIMITER] [-q QUOTECHAR]
[-s SKIP] [infile]

Grab columns from csv input.

positional arguments:
infile input file (.csv)
optional arguments:
<kbd>-h, --help</kbd> show this help message and exit
<kbd>-f <var>FIELDS</var>, --fields <var>FIELDS</var></kbd>
 the columns to grab (first column is 1)
<kbd>-i <var>INVERSE</var>, --inverse <var>INVERSE</var></kbd>
 invert the column selection: drop them instead
<kbd>-d <var>DELIMITER</var>, --delimiter <var>DELIMITER</var></kbd>
 field delimiter when reading infile
<kbd>-q <var>QUOTECHAR</var>, --quotechar <var>QUOTECHAR</var></kbd>
 field quotechar when reading infile
<kbd>-s <var>SKIP</var>, --skip <var>SKIP</var></kbd>
 number of rows to skip


  • tests!!!
  • not choke when -f not passed…
  • implement -i
  • implement –out-**
  • allow -f to take columns by name?
  • add out delimiter support
  • add out quotechar support
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