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Plumi application setup

Latest Version: 4.5

Plumi video sharing system

Change history

4.0 (2010-12-30) []

  • fix authorlisting error if a user doesn’t have a member folder [clopy]
  • remove duplicate icons for news and events [clopy]
  • fix login form allignment issue on safari [clopy]
  • update personalize form for plone 4 [clopy]
  • restored category and country information on video listings [clopy]
  • removed homepages field for the final release [clopy]

4.0rc2 (2010-12-12) []

  • upgrade users from kupu to tinymce [clopy]
  • Added homepages as a lines field to memberdata, which is aimed at containing URL’s of members other homepages, for example Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Kaskus etc that will later be jazzed up in author.cpt [axxs]
  • added country information to memberdata [clopy]
  • added documentation [mgogoulos]
  • update pcre broken download link [mgogoulos]

4.0rc1 (2010-12-12) []

  • update [dimo]
  • production buildout automatically sets file permissions [dimo]
  • disable ftp server in debug instance [dimo]
  • move portlet assignments to & remove browse portlet [dimo]
  • update install docs [dimo]
  • add custom image workflow [clopy]
  • return splash image to previous quality [clopy]
  • update vocabs, move taxonomy generation in a separate product [clopy]
  • update ffmpeg library paths [clopy]
  • reduce flowplayer splash image file size [clopy]
  • update locales [dimo]

For a full list of closed tickets check

4.0b1 (2010-11-25) []

  • remove and replace deprecated code and rebase on Plone 4 [clopy]
  • deprecate plumi.buildout which was not a proper egg. Now the buildout lives inside [dimo]
  • new production and devel buildout based on Martin Aspeli’s uber buildout [dimo]
  • use varnish instead of squid [dimo]
  • use haproxy instead of pound [dimo]
  • move install code to & cleanup [dimo]
  • move parts of the install code to GenericSetup [clopy]
  • use qi.portlet.TagCloud instead of Vaporisation [dimo,clopy]
  • remove dependency on plonebookmarklets [dimo,clopy]
  • remove dependency on ATCountryWidget [dimo]
  • build ffmpeg and qt-faststart using buildout [dimo]
  • Remove ability for ordinary users to change video view [clopy]

For a full list of closed tickets check

3.1.1 (2010-10-28) []

Plumi 3.1.1 final release

Added delete support for transcoded files, improved embed code and more.

For a full list of closed tickets check

3.1 (2010-08-10) []

Plumi 3.1 final release

  • replaced custom transcode integration code with [dimo]

For a full list of closed tickets check

3.0 (2010-05-18)

Plumi 3.0 final release

For a full list of closed tickets check

Plumi 3.0 has been made possible thanks to the work of

3.0-rc3 (2010-04-14)

  • an rc2 packaging error was fixed

3.0-rc2 (2010-04-12)

For a full list of closed tickets check

3.0-rc1 (2010-03-25)

First Release Candidate for Plumi 3.0

Done collectively by (, Engagemedia (, Infinite Recursion ( and others. See AUTHORS.txt

For changes in rc1, see

3.0-beta2 (2010-02-23) [Mike -]

Beta 2 includes lot of changes, including the use of collective.transcode.daemon for video transcoding.

For a full list of closed tickets check out:
Also, at the 3rd of November 2009, David Bain (pigeonflight) did the following in plumi.buildout:
  • updated buildout_plone331.cfg,
  • removed reference to the ‘plone’ part which was still using the 3.1.7 plone.recipe
  • pinned zope.component to 3.5.1
  • changed MarkDown to be pinned to 2.0.3
  • added pytz,ZConfig and zope.browsermenu to the additional-fake-eggs
  • pinned to 3.6.0
  • pinned zope.publisher to 3.5.6
  • added to find-links to support PIL

3.0-beta1 (2009-09-04) [Erko, Sydney]

First beta release of Plumi 3.0 , targetted at Plone 3.2.3

Includes migration code to move from Plumi 0.2.x via members/content exporting into a Plumi 3.0 site

3.0-alpha2 (2009-08-03) [Chippo, Sydney]

Second alpha release of Plumi 3.0 , targetted at Plone 3.2.3

NOTE: The version number of Plumi has changed!! See :

0.3-alpha1 (2009-07-24) [Bondi, Sydney]

Initial release of Plumi 0.3, targetted at Plone 3.2.3

Previous Plumi 0.2.x history –


[ Plumi 0.2.x, 3.x, 4.x ]

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