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pmfp 1.1.1

a simple package manager for python like npm.

Latest Version: 1.1.3


* version: 1.1.1
* status: dev
* author: hsz
* email:


a simple scaffold for pythoner


* python's scaffold for model, command-line tool, flask, sanic, tk
* javascript's scaffold for vue.js, simple frontend/node.js project


.. code:: shell

usage: ppm <command> [<args>]

The most commonly used ppm commands are:
init initialise a project
clean clean a project
install install a package
status see the project's info
update update the project's version and status
upload upload your project to a git repository, a docker repository,
a pypi server
search search for a package
run run scripts for python and node
build build your python project to a pyz file, wheel,egg,docker image,
build your cpp project to a lib or a executable file
test test your project
doc build your project's document
new new a document,,test,dockerfile for a project

flask init flask
sanic init sanic
vue init vue
celery init celery


- ``python -m pip install pmfp``


`Documentation on Readthedocs <https:"" python-tools="" pmfp=""/>`_.


1. if you can not init your project,you should try to create the env by yourself first

`python3 -m venv env`

then run the `ppm init`

2. ppm test now can run correctly.

3. init cython commandline now can run correctly. 1.0.9


* a better celery template with test


* C/C++ support
* more js template
* template for tensorflow
* template for cuda,opencv,opencl
* template for gitbook

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