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pockets 0.5.1

A collection of helpful Python tools!

Let me check my pockets…

The Pockets library pulls together all the Python helper functions I’ve found useful over the years.

If you’ve worked on a project that exports an API and accesses a data store, you’ve probably seen some code that looks like this:

# Receive a data type with underscores from some API
data_type = 'user_preference'

# Convert underscored data type to CamelCase to match the data model
model_name = camel(data_type)

# Resolve the model name into a model class
model_class = resolve(model_name, modules=["webapp.model.admin",

# Instantiate the model class and do stuff with the instance...
instance = model_class()

There’s an impedance mismatch any time you work with two different frameworks; especially when you want to update your back-end while maintaining legacy compatibility with an external API.

Pockets is full of highly tested, well maintained functions that help bridge the gap. Here are just a few examples…

Easily get the right logger no matter where you are

>>> from pockets.autolog import log
>>> log.error("Always log from the correct module.Class!")
mymodule.MyClass: Always log from the correct module.Class!

Convert underscore_separated string to CamelCase

>>> from pockets import camel
>>> camel("xml_http_request", upper_segments=[1])

Convert CamelCase string to underscore_separated

>>> from pockets import uncamel
>>> uncamel("XmlHTTPRequest")

Resolve a string into an object

>>> from pockets import resolve
>>> resolve("calendar.TextCalendar")
<class 'calendar.TextCalendar'>

Peek ahead iterator

>>> from pockets import peek_iter
>>> p = peek_iter(["a", "b", "c", "d", "e"])
>>> p.peek()
>>> p.peek(3)
['b', 'c', 'd']

Downloads and Docs

Full documentation is available on Read the Docs.

Built packages are available on PyPI.

Source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to:

  • Create an issue to request a feature or a report a bug.
  • Fork the repository and make changes to the master branch for next release.
  • Send a pull request and pester the maintainer until it’s merged. Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS and update CHANGES.

Build Status

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