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pockyt 1.1

automate and manage your pocket collection


A usable, customizable commandline client to automate and manage your pocket collection.

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* `PyPi <https:"" pypi="" pockyt="">`_
* `GitHub <https:"" arvindch="" pockyt="">`_


`Pocket <https:""/>`_ is an application for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet.

This commandline client interfaces the pocket API and provides a way to interact with your pocket collection.

Using simple command sequences, routine tasks can be automated and reusable scripts can be created.

Quick Start

``pockyt`` supports Python ``2.7+`` and ``3.4+`` on ``Windows``, ``macOS``, & ``GNU/Linux`` platforms.

1. ``$ pip install pockyt --upgrade``
2. ``$ pockyt reg``
3. Follow the prompts to connect your pocket account to pockyt.
4. Refer the Documentation and Examples for usage info and ideas.


* Get the latest 5 items' links & excerpts and save them to a file.
$ pockyt get -n 5 -f '{link} - {excerpt}' -o readlater.txt

* Get the oldest 10 items and delete them from Pocket.
$ pockyt get -n 10 -r oldest -f '{id}' | pockyt mod -d -i redirect

* Get all the items about 'python' and open them in a browser.
$ pockyt get -q 'python' -o browser

* Get all the links from a 'links.txt' and add them to Pocket.
$ pockyt put -i links.txt

* Get all favorited items and archive them.
$ pockyt get -v 1 | pockyt mod -a 1 -i redirect


**pockyt -h** :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
connect a pocket account
get pocket collection, with useful item_info
add to pocket collection, using links
modify pocket collection, using item_ids

**pockyt get -h** :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-c <type>, --content <type>
content type : <type> : {all, [article, video, image]}
-s <state>, --state <state>
collection state : <state> : {all, [unread, archive]}
-r <order>, --sort <order>
item sorting : <order> : {newest, [oldest, title,
-n <amount>, --count <amount>
number of items : <amount> : {-1: all, [n: amount]}
-q <query>, --query <query>
search query : <query> : {None}
-t <option>, --tag <option>
filter tag : {-1: nofilter, [tagname: tagged, 0:
-v <option>, --favorite <option>
filter favorites : <option> : {-1: No Filter, [1:
favorited, 0: un-favorited]}
-d <domain>, --domain <domain>
restrict items to domain : <domain> : {None}
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
format output : <specifier> : {'{id} | {title} |
{link}', [id, title, link, excerpt, tags]}
-o <option>, --output <option>
redirect output : <option> : {None, [browser,

**pockyt put -h** :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
unformat input : <specifier> : {'{link}', [id, title,
link, excerpt, tags]}
-i <option>, --input <option>
obtain input : <option> : {console, [redirect,
link, filename]}

**pockyt mod -h** :

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f <specifier>, --format <specifier>
unformat input : <specifier> : {'{id}', [id, title,
link, excerpt, tags]}
-i <option>, --input <option>
obtain input : <option> : {console, [redirect,
-d, --delete delete items
-a <option>, --archive <option>
archive items : <option> : {-1: None, [1: archive, 0:
-v <option>, --favorite <option>
favorite items : <option> : {-1: None, [1: favorite,
0: unfavorite]}


Feel free to contribute features, bugfixes, improvements, and usage ideas.

`Fork <https:"" arvindch="" pockyt="" fork="">`_ pockyt.
Work on the source code.
git clone<username>/pockyt.git
cd pockyt
pip install -e .
git checkout -b new-feature
# do stuff
git add .
git commit -am 'commit msg'
git push origin new-feature

Then, submit a `pull request <https:"" arvindch="" pockyt="" compare="">`_.


This project uses the `GNU GPLv3 License <https:"" arvindch="" pockyt="" blob="" master="" license.txt="">`_.
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