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pogles 0.1

Python Bindings for OpenGL ES v2.0

Latest Version: 1.0

What is pogles?

pogles is a Python package that implements bindings for OpenGL ES v2.0 for Python v2.3 or later and Python v3. It comprises three modules:

  • pogles.gles2 contains the bindings for Open GL ES v2.0 itself.
  • pogles.egl contains the bindings for the EGL native platform interface.
  • pogles.platform contains platform specific bindings for creating native windows. Currently the Raspberry Pi and X11 platforms are supported. Usually the X11 platform will be used for development before porting to a specific embedded platform.

The full ES and EGL APIs are implemented and given a Pythonic twist where appropriate - for example errors raise Python exceptions.

Standalone applications may be developed using pogles.gles2 module with the pogles.egl and pogles.platform modules. Alternatively it can be used with a separate framework, e.g. PyQt, that provides the platform dependence.

pogles is released under the BSD license.


pogles is copyright (c) Riverbank Computing Limited. Its homepage is

Support may be obtained from the PyQt mailing list at


pogles is implemented using the SIP Python bindings generator which must be installed first. SIP is available for all Linux distributions but pogles requires v4.14.1 or later. The current version of SIP can be found at

pogles itself is installed as a normal Python package:

python install


Full documentation will be provided in a future version. For the moment a combination of docstrings (accessed via Python's help() builtin), the standard Khronos documentation and the included examples should suffice.

The pogles.platform module contains the ppCreateNativeWindow() function which is used to create an EGLNativeWindowType that can be passed to the eglCreateWindowSurface() function. ppCreateNativeWindow() may always be called with no arguments. A particular implementation may accept additional optional arguments that allow some platform specific configuration to be specified. For example the X11 platform allows the window's title and size to be specified.

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