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point-tracker 0.7.12

Track points and cells on 2D tissues over time.

Point Tracker

The point tracker is most useful to compute and show growth and displacement
fields on biological tissues. From a series of images of a biological sample
over time, the user can select material points over the various images, create
cells, and compute the growth rates for each cells over time.


### From source

You can get the source either by cloning the repository or getting an archive
that you uncompress. The application can then be used in-place, or you can
install it with:

$ python install

### Using pip

From pip, you can simply use:

$ pip install point-tracker


### When installed on the system

The setup script will create and install a ``point_tracker`` program on your
system, that you simply need to launch:

$ point_tracker

### From the source folder

From the source folder, you can use one of the tracking script:

$ python

Under Linux, you can also use the shell script:

$ ./


If you are using this software for scientific purposes, please cite the
following paper:

> Kuchen, E. E.; Fox, S.; Barbier de Reuille, P.; Kennaway, R.; Bensmihen, S.;
> Avondo, J.; Calder, G. M.; Southam, P.; Robinson, S.; Bangham, A. & Coen, E.
> **Generation of leaf shape through early patterns of growth and tissue
> polarity**. *Science*. 2012, 335, 1092-1096

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