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point-tracker 0.7

Track points and cells on 2D tissues over time.

Latest Version: 0.7.12

Point Tracker

The point tracker is most useful to compute and show growth and displacement
fields on biological tissues. From a series of images of a biological sample
over time, the user can select material points over the various images, create
cells, and compute the growth rates for each cells over time.


### From source

You can get the source either by cloning the repository or getting an archive
that you uncompress. The application can then be used in-place, or you can
install it with:

$ python install

### Using pip

From pip, you can simply use:

$ pip install point-tracker


### When installed on the system

The setup script will create and install a ``point_tracker`` program on your
system, that you simply need to launch:

$ point_tracker

### From the source folder

From the source folder, you can use one of the tracking script:

$ python

Under Linux, you can also use the shell script:

$ ./


If you are using this software for scientific purposes, please cite the
following paper:

> Kuchen, E. E.; Fox, S.; Barbier de Reuille, P.; Kennaway, R.; Bensmihen, S.;
> Avondo, J.; Calder, G. M.; Southam, P.; Robinson, S.; Bangham, A. & Coen, E.
> **Generation of leaf shape through early patterns of growth and tissue
> polarity**. *Science*. 2012, 335, 1092-1096

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