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pointdns 0.1.0 API client with support for Python 3.x (based on pointhq package)

=========== API client.

This module provides easy access to point zone & record management. For information about the services offered on Point see [the website]
This module is based on a fork of [Richard Gray's] pointhq module which is based on [Mike Yumatov's] pointhq module
with the following additional modifications:

- Added support for Python3.x
- Retrieve zones by groups
- Record type validation

## Authentication

To access your Point account, you'll need to define your username & apitoken. The username is your email address and the apitoken is the API token which, can be found in My Account tab.

## Installation

Install ``pointdns`` with pip:

$ pip install pointdns

It will also install `requests` library.

## Usage example

* Create new `pointdns.Point` object:
import pointdns
point = Point(username='', apitoken='secret-key')
* Play with zones::
zones = point.zones.retrieve()
new_zone = point.zones.create(name='')
zone = point.zones(1).retrieve()
zones_group_clients = point.zones.retrieve(group='Clients')
* Play with zone records::
zone_records = point.zones(1).records.retrieve()
new_record = point.zones(1).records.create(
name='', data='', record_type='A')
zone_record = point.zones(1).records(1).retrieve
## Contributing

Feel free to fork, send pull requests or report bugs and issues on github.  
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