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pojson 0.6

Convert PO files to JSON

Latest Version: 0.7


pojson is a tool that allows you to create JSON data files from PO files. These files are designed to be used with Obviel’s i18n support.

The Javascript Gettext already provides a Perl-based tool (po2json) that is very similar, so this can be seen as a rewrite to Python. One difference is that pojson does not output domain information in the resulting datastructure - it is one level less deep. The domain information must instead be supplied when the file is loaded.

Basic use to generate a JSON file:

$ pojson <path/to/po>

Pretty-print output:

$ pojson -p <path/to/po>


$ pojson --help

Normally you would send the output to a file, such as:

$ pojson something.po > something.json

Normally pojson will try to guess the encoding of the .po file, but you can also explicitly supply an encoding:

$ pojson -e utf-8 something.po > something.json

Javascript Gettext:


0.6 (2014-03-06)

  • A new po2json_babel command that lets you create a babel compatible catalog structure. Thanks to Swen Mun (@longfin) for this feature.
  • A bugfix concerning encoding handling in po2json.

0.5 (2014-02-27)

0.4 (2012-06-20)

  • Totally break the command line interface to simplify options. We only want to generate those JSON files that Obviel i18n likes. Works with Obviel 1.0b2 and later.

0.3 (2011-06-02)

  • Actually got the output wrong so jsgettext couldn’t work with it. Fixed.
  • Some sanity checking that the input file has the .po extension, as evidently polib accepts any file and still gives output…

0.2 (2011-06-02)

  • Error when referring to non-existent po file

0.1 (2011-05-04)

  • Initial release.
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