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polyphemus 0.1

A BaTLaB itegration service for repo hosting sites like GitHub.


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~ One eye makes for shallow bugs ~


Polyphemus is a continuous integration tool that front-ends to
`GitHub <https:""/>`_ et al. and backends to
`BaTLaB <https:""/>`_. This fills a similar role to that of Travis-CI
or the GitHub plugin for Jenkins. However, BaTLab has a wider vareity of machines
than Travis-CI and is cheaper (free) than running your own machines with Jenkins.



Since polyphemus is pure Python code, the ``pip`` or ``easy_install`` may be used
to grab and install the code::

$ pip install polyphemus

$ easy_install polyphemus

The source code repository for polyphemus may be found at the
`GitHub project site <http:"" polyphemus-ci="" polyphemus="">`_.
You may simply clone the development branch using git::

git clone git://

Also, if you wish to have the optional BASH completion, please add the
following lines to your ``~/.bashrc`` file::

# Enable completion for polyphemus
eval "$(register-python-argcomplete polyphemus)"

Polyphemus currently has the following external dependencies,

*Run Time:*

#. `flask <http:""/>`_
#. `paramiko <http:"" paramiko=""/>`_
#. ` <http:"" en="" latest=""/>`_
#. `apache 2 <http:""/>`_, optional for real depolyment
#. `argcomplete <https:"" en="" latest=""/>`_, optional for BASH completion
#. `modwsgi <https:"" p="" modwsgi=""/>`_

Contact Us
If you have questions or comments, please send them to the mailing list or contact the author directly or open an issue on
`Join the mailing list here! <https:"" forum="" #!forum="" polyphemus-ci="">`_

We highly encourage contributions to polyphemus! If you would like to contribute,
it is as easy as forking the repository on GitHub, making your changes, and
issuing a pull request. If you have any questions about this process don't
hesitate to ask the mailing list ( We are particularly
interested in adding bitbucket and mercurial support.

Helpful Links

* `Documentation <http:"">`_
* `Mailing list <https:"" forum="" #!forum="" polyphemus-ci="">`_  
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