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positronic-brain 0.0.1

Opinionated Buildbot workflow

Positronic Brain

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> *Opinionated BuildBot workflow.*

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Positronic Brain makes it extremely easy to get up and running with your BuildBot server by dropping
few lines in your `master.cfg` file. Gone are the days of having to figure out how to wire all
pieces together.

Adding a positronic brain to your BuildBot brings you:

* Sensible defaults for your BuildBot master.
* Notification emails sent to _developers_ after a build failure.
* Notification emails sent to _administrators_ for all builds on all projects.
* No need to mess with Change Sources or Schedulers.
* Archiving of artifacts on the master after each successful build.
* Automatic deletion of old artifacts on the master.


This package is not being published to PyPI, so for the time being you have to install it by

pip install

Please note that this package depends on a very specific version of the BuildBot master and you have
to make sure to have it installed first (see [requirements.txt](requirements.txt) for more details).


In your BuildBot master configuration file (`master.cfg`) import everything from the
"positronic.brain" package and perform some basic initialization:

from positronic.brain import *

# basedir=basedir looks weird, but we need it.
master(basedir=basedir, url='')

worker('my-first-worker', 'secretpassword')
worker('my-second-worker', 'anothersecretpassword')

with FreestyleJob('my-project', workers=['my-first-worker', 'my-second-worker']) as j:
j.checkout('project', 'svn+ssh://' 'trunk')
j.command('make', 'check')
j.command('make', 'packages')
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