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posix_ipc 0.8.1

POSIX IPC primitives (semaphores, shared memory and message queues) for Python

Latest Version: 1.0.4

posix_ipc is a Python module (written in C) that permits creation and manipulation of POSIX inter-process semaphores, shared memory and message queues on platforms supporting the POSIX Realtime Extensions a.k.a. POSIX 1003.1b-1993. This includes most Unices and Windows + Cygwin 1.7.

The latest version, contact info, sample code, etc. are available here:

Installation is as simple as sudo python Usage, a version history, warnings, suggestions, etc. are covered in ReadMe.html.

posix_ipc is free software (free as in speech and free as in beer) released under a 3-clause BSD license. Complete licensing information is available in the LICENSE file.

You might also be interested in the similar System V IPC module at: