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postbox 0.1

It makes sending emails easier with Python.

It makes sending mail easier. The main features:

  1. It allows you specify SMTP headers by keyword arguments.
  2. Support interactive prompt for username or password.
  3. Support optional with statement.


You can install it via PyPI,

sudo pip install postbox

or download it manually.


It is an example which sends a mail from Python Shell.

>>> from postbox import Postbox, Gmail

>>> gmail = Postbox(host='') # or gmail = Gmail()

>>>     gmail.send(
...             to = ['', ''],
...             bcc = '',
...             subject = 'Test from Python Shell',
...             body = 'It is used postbox to send. :)'
...     )

>>> gmail.close()

You can find more examples here.


The Postbox or Gmail accepts the following keyword arguments:

  1. host: the hostname of your SMTP server. ex. ‘’ or ‘’
  2. port: the port number of your SMTP server.
  3. user: the username.
  4. password: the password.
  5. tls: use tls or not.
  6. prompt_user: prompt string if you don’t specified user.
  7. prompt_password: prompt string if you don’t specified password.
  8. debuglevel: the debuglevel.
  9. dry_run: don’t send the mail out.

The all keyword arguments to send will be translated into SMTP headers, except the body is the body of this mail. If you don’t specify from_, it takes the username as default. The iterable but not string will be joined to a string by comma.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
postbox-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-06-25 2KB