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progress_bar 1

A progress bar for command line tools.

Latest Version: 5.0

A simple way of providing an informative and clean progress bar on the terminal that respects the terminal's width, has a header, and the current %age for Python 2.6+ and 3.0+


                   reading names.dmp
[========================79.3%===============>          ]


pip install progress_bar


Generally, to create any kind of progress bar with a default "size" of 100 arbitrary units:

from progress_bar import initBar

pbar = initBar("title")
pbar(10)  # update % to 10%
pbar(20)  # update % to 20%
pbar(15)  # simulate Microsoft progress effects

del pbar  # move bar to final 100% and write the newline

To easily create a progress bar for reporting (reading) progress in a filehandle that can tell() its offset:

from progress_bar import initBarForInfile

pbar = initBarForInfile("path")
instream = open("path")

for line in instream:

del pbar

With those default arguments, the bar will be as wide as the terminal window. Terminal window width is defined by termios using fcntl, both from the standard library.

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