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projex_envy 1.1

Latest Version: 1.2

envy is a simple virtual environment package management system. It allows
a developer to setup a full virutal environment description as a zip package for
distribution on top of the Virtual Environment framework.

== Installation ==

#. Install Python (download from [])
#. Install setuptools (download from [])
#. Install virtualenv (easy_install virtualenv)
#. Install envy (easy_install projex_envy)

== Basic Usage ==

#. Define the system environment variable for your project home:

|$> # example: set PY{VER}_VENV_HOME=/path/to/my/home
|$> set PY27_VENV_HOME=~/env/py27/
|$> set PY31_VENV_HOME=~/evn/py31/

#. Run the script from your $PYTHON_HOME/Scripts path:

|$> # create a new environment
|$> create test
|$> # create a new environment with a starter file
|$> create starttest --starter=/path/to/
|$> # list your environments
|$> listenv
|$> # switch to the given environment
|$> switch test
|$> # change directories to the given environment
|$> goto test

== Working with Starter Files ==

Starter files are a way to define virutal environments with pre-populated
dependencies. They support the ability to run pre and post scripts for
processing, as well as batch installation commands, executable execution, and
simple copy/paste directory systems. The structure for the starter files is:

/Bin # runs easy_install all compatible EXE files within folder
/Include # copy from {name}.zip to $VIRTUAL_ENV/Include
/Lib # copy from {name}.zip to $VIRTUAL_ENV/Lib
/Scripts # copy from {name}.zip to $VIRTUAL_ENV/Scripts
install.txt # define multiple installation commands in one text file
# e.g: easy_install -Z django
# : easy_install -Z requests
# : ... # python script to be executed before the other installation
# commands begin # python script to be executed after all installation
# commands complete

== Envy & IDE's ==

To run from an editor, you simply need to define the path to the Python
executable when running your command, and define a couple of environment

$PY27_VENV_HOME/test/Scripts/python.exe /path/to/my/
$PY27_VENV_HOME/test/Scripts/python.exe -m pdb /path/to/my/  
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