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property-caching 1.1.0

Property caching

Cached version of property

Written and used by the folks at Yola to support our free website builder.


  • cached_property - stores results of decorated methods in decorated object (in _cached_properties attribute)
  • class_cached_property - stores results of decorated methods in the class of decorated object (in _class_cached_properties attribute). All instances will share cached value.
  • clear_property_cache - deletes cached value (works for object cached properties only)
  • set_property_cache - explicitly sets property cache (works for object cached properties only)
  • is_property_cached - allows to check whether property was cached or not (works for object cached properties only)


from property_caching import (cached_property,

class Dummy:
    def foo(self):
        return self.service.expensive_operation()

    def bar(self):
        # this value will only be cached if it doesn't evaluate to false:
        return self.service.expensive_operation2()

    def service(self):
        return expensive_service_initialization()

d = Dummy()   # calculates result and stores it in d._cached_properties   # uses cached value

clear_property_cache(d, 'foo')   # clears cache for property `foo`
set_property_cache(d, 'foo', 42) # explicitly set cache for property `foo`

d2 = Dummy()  # re-calculates value of `foo` but uses cached service


Install development requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the tests with:

python test
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