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proteus 2.6.3

Library to access Tryton server as a client

Latest Version: 4.6.1

A library to access Tryton’s models like a client.



Example of usage

>>> from proteus import config, Model, Wizard

Creating a database

Configuration to connect to a sqlite memory database using trytond as module.

>>> config = config.set_trytond(':memory:', database_type='sqlite')

When connecting to a database that doesn’t exist, Proteus will create it. If no database name was given, then Proteus will generate one. It will choose ‘:memory’: for ‘sqlite’ type otherwise ‘test_%’ % int(time.time()).

Installing a module

Find the module, call the install button and run the install wizard.

>>> Module = Model.get('ir.module.module')
>>> (party,) = Module.find([('name', '=', 'party')])
>>> Module.install([], config.context)
>>> Wizard('ir.module.module.install_upgrade').execute('upgrade')

Creating a party

First instanciate a new Party:

>>> Party = Model.get('')
>>> party = Party()
>>> < 0

Fill the fields:

>>> = 'ham'

Save the instance into the server:

>>> > 0

Setting the language of the party

The language on party is a Many2One relation field. So it requires to get a Model instance as value.

>>> Lang = Model.get('ir.lang')
>>> (en,) = Lang.find([('code', '=', 'en_US')])
>>> party.lang = en
>>> party.lang.code

Creating an address for the party

Addresses are store on party with a One2Many field. So the new address just needs to be appended to the list addresses.

>>> address =
>>> party.addresses #doctest: +ELLIPSIS

Adding category to the party

Categories are linked to party with a Many2Many field.

So first create a category

>>> Category = Model.get('party.category')
>>> category = Category()
>>> = 'spam'

Append it to categories of the party

>>> party.categories.append(category)
>>> party.categories #doctest: +ELLIPSIS


If you encounter any problems with Tryton, please don’t hesitate to ask questions on the Tryton bug tracker, mailing list, wiki or IRC channel: irc://



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