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prox 0.0.17

The tool to check the health of proxy list


pip3 install -U prox

How to check the proxy list

You have to provide at least the type and location of proxy list.

If the proxylist located at

prox_check socks URL

If the list is in local file:

prox_check socks path/to/file.txt

How to check multiple lists

Create file foo.yml like:

  save: 1

  - proxy_type: socks
    plist_url: var/plist1.txt
    limit: 100

  - proxy_type: http
    limit: 100

It should by YML list of tasks. Each task contains key names same as command line arguments.

Run the command:

prox_task foo.yml

The tool to filter proxy list by countries

Use prox_geo command with –stat option to see number of proxies grouped by country.

Use prox_geo command with -i, -x and –exclude-list options to filter proxy list

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