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prymatex 0.9.8.dev20131211160745

What is Prymatex

Prymatex is a simple and flexible text editor. It's written in PyQt4 and it's main aim is to support TextMate bundles.

Why Prymatex?

There are enough text editors out there, and many of them are focused on writing code, just to name a few, Notepad++, Kate, Gedit, Scribes, etc.

These editors are great, but the way they are way they are extended is complex for non C/C++ programmers (although this is changing gradually). That's where TextMate comes into place. It allows the user to define syntaxes, snippets, macros and commands in a very simple way, using shell scripting, Ruby, Python, PHP or any other tool wich can handle shell variables and stdin/stdout pipes.

There are a lots of these extensions (actually called Bundles) maintained by enthusiasts. From Ruby on Rails, to OpenGL programming, these bundles come with 3 basic components:

  • Syntax An extensible syntax format (allowing inclusion/usage, ie: PHP includes HTML and JS)
  • Commands They're like what we all know as marcros
  • Snippets Pieces of text that can be tirggered in certain situations
  • Templates File templates

Running Prymatex

See INSTALL.rst to setup your enviroment.

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