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pseudopy 1.2.0

Compute and visualize pseudospectra of matrices (like eigtool)

Latest Version: 1.2.4

# PseudoPy [![Build Status](](

PseudoPy computes and visualizes the pseudospectrum of a matrix. It is a Python version of the original [eigtool]( by Thomas G. Wright. The algorithms used in this package can be found in the book [Spectra and pseudospectra]( by [Nick Trefethen]( and [Mark Embree](

## Example
The pseudospectrum of the Grcar matrix looks like this:

![Pseudospectrum of Grcar matrix](grcar.png)

If no knowledge about the location of the pseudospectrum of the given matrix is available, the following lines of code can be used to obtain an approximation:
from pseudopy import NonnormalAuto, demo
from matplotlib import pyplot
from scipy.linalg import eigvals

# get Grcar matrix
A = demo.grcar(32).todense()

# compute pseudospectrum for the levels of interest between [1e-5, 1]
pseudo = NonnormalAuto(A, 1e-5, 1)

# plot
pseudo.plot([10**k for k in range(-4, 0)], spectrum=eigvals(A))

## Installation
```pip install pseudopy```

Note that you may need to add `sudo` if you want to install it system-wide.

## License
PseudoPy is free software licensed under the [MIT License](  
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