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psprofile 0.1.6

Collects resource usage of an executed script

Latest Version: 0.2


A python process profiler. Watches a process tree and emits resource usage metrics. Uses the psutil library, so runs on a mac and linux (haven’t tested Windows, but theoretically it will work). You will get slightly different fields back depending on the operating system. Used by the Cosmos Workflow Management System.


pip install psprofile


$ psprofile -h
usage: psprofile [-h] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] [-i POLL_INTERVAL] [-w WAIT] ...

Profile resource usage of a command

positional arguments:
  command               The command to run.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output_file OUTPUT_FILE
                        File to store output of profile to.
  -i POLL_INTERVAL, --poll_interval POLL_INTERVAL
                        How often to poll the resource usage information in
                        /proc, in seconds (default 1).
  -w WAIT, --wait WAIT  time to wait for executable to exist

$ psprofile ls $HOME
$ psprofile "echo hi; sleep ls"

# note that:
$ psprofile echo hi > tmp/test  #  (psprofile's output is redirected)
# is not the same as:
$ psprofile "echo hi > /tmp/test" #  (echo's output is redirected)

Example output:

$ psprofile /path/to/bash.script
    "avg_num_threads": 1,
    "cpu_time": 0,
    "avg_vms_mem_kb": 11427840,
    "io_read_kb": 4096,
    "io_write_kb": 0,
    "max_num_threads": 1,
    "system_time": 0,
    "max_rss_mem_kb": 1470464,
    "percent_cpu": 0,
    "max_vms_mem_kb": 11427840,
    "wall_time": 2,
    "ctx_switch_voluntary": 12,
    "user_time": 0,
    "avg_num_fds": 4,
    "num_polls": 1,
    "max_num_fds": 4,
    "io_write_count": 0,
    "avg_rss_mem_kb": 1470464,
    "ctx_switch_involuntary": 3,
    "io_read_count": 12,
    "exit_status": 0
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