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ptwit 0.0.5

A simple twitter command line client

Latest Version: 0.2

ptwit is a simple command-line-based twitter client.



To install ptwit, simply:

pip install ptwit

The first time you issue a ptwit command will prompt to input a consumer key and a consumer secret, both of which can be obtained from your registered application at



ptwit login

This command will open a twitter authentication page asking for your permission, and then presenting a 7-digit pincode if you permit it. Feed ptwit the pincode to finish the login process.

Get friends timeline:

ptwit timeline

Get someone’s tweets:

ptwit tweets someone

Get mentions or replies:

ptwit mentions
ptwit replies

Commands above always list the latest 20 new tweets, which means the tweets you’ve fetched will not be listed again.

If you want to list a specified number of tweets, use switch -c:

ptwit timeline -c 30

Post a new tweet:

ptwit post hello world
ptwit post < tweet.txt

Send message to someone:

ptwit send someone hello, ptwit is awesome
cat message.txt | ptwit send someone
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