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ptwit 0.0.7

A simple twitter command line client

Latest Version: 0.2


ptwit is a simple command-line-based Twitter client.




To install ptwit, simply:

$ pip install ptwit


For the first time you run ptwit command, you will be asked for your Twitter application information, which you can find at If you don’t have one, register at

You can also manually set your Twitter application information via the commands below:

$ ptwit config -g set consumer_key "CONSUMER KEY HERE"
$ ptwit config -g set consumer_secret "CONSUMER SECRET HERE"

ptwit supports multiple Twitter accounts. You can always use the login command to log into a new account:

$ ptwit login

The command above will take you to the Twitter authorization page, and ask you to give a name for this account.

You can easily switch between accounts you’ve already authorized:

$ ptwit login ACCOUNT

To remove an account from your computer, use this command:

$ ptwit config remove ACCOUNT

Twitter Commands

Get home timeline

$ ptwit timeline            # latest tweets
$ ptwit timeline -c 20      # latest 20 tweets

Get tweets of a Twitter user

$ ptwit tweets              # list your tweets
$ ptwit tweets USER         # list someone's tweets

Get mentions or replies

$ ptwit mentions
$ ptwit replies

Post a new tweet

$ ptwit post "YOUR STATUS"
$ ptwit post < tweet.txt

Send direct message

$ ptwit send USER "YOUR MESSAGE"
$ cat message.txt | ptwit send USER

List followings

$ ptwit followings

List followers

$ ptwit followers

Follow or unfollow Twitter users

$ ptwit follow USER
$ ptwit unfollow USER

List your favorite tweets

$ ptwit faves

Get a Twitter user’s information

$ ptwit whois USER

Search tweets

$ ptwit search TERM


ptwit is under the MIT License. See LICENSE file for full license text.

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