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pug 0.0.4

# pug

## PDX-Python User Group Utility Glob


## Introduction

Collection of utilities by and for the PDX Python User Group.

  • nlp -- natural language processing
  • db -- database importing, etc
  • dj -- some Django management commands
  • wikiscrapy -- wikipedia crawler using [Scrapy]( "Excellent new crawler with a JSON-RPC API")
  • docs -- some tips, examples, and yes, documentation

See [the docs]( "incomplete documentation") for the latest.


## Installation

### Posix

You really want to contribute, right?

git clone

If your a user and not a developer, and have an up-to-date posix OS with the postgres, xml2, and xlst development packages installed, then use pip.

pip install pug

### Fedora

If you're on Fedora >= 16 but haven't done a lot of python binding development, then you'll need some libraries before pip will succeed.

sudo yum install -y python-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel gcc-gfortran python-scikit-learn postgresql postgresql-server postgresql-libs postgresql-devel pip install pug

### Bleeding Edge

Even the releases are very unstable, but if you want to have the latest, most broken code

pip install git+git://

### Warning

This software is in alpha testing. Install at your own risk.


## Development

Help me, please:

git clone

I'll rubber stamp your pull requests on github within a day.

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