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pumphandle 0.0.2

Tools for computational epidemiology

A (very) work in progress collection of tools for computational and mathematical Epidemiology.



  • "NetDrop": A simple function for downloading data files from web sources




0.0.1 - Initial PyPi release version. 0.0.2 - Minor changes to NetDrop code.

Version Notes

0.0.1 - This release is intended primarily to make the developers life slightly easier by packaging a commonly used function for repeated use. It's not a general-purpose release, and unless you really hate writing very short bits of requests code, it's likely not worth your trouble.

0.0.2 - As with version 0.0.1, but with some slightly more sophisticated handling of what to do if a data file already exists, avoid accidental overwrites or wasted bandwidth from pulling down redundantly huge files. Also cleaned up code with Flake8.

Why 'Pumphandle'?

The repository name is a reference to John Snow(1) and the Broad Street Pump

1: <>

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pumphandle-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-03 1KB
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