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A simple python client for

Latest Version: 0.8.1

This is a python library for the wonderful PushBullet service. It allows you to send push notifications to Android and iOS devices.

In order to use the API you need an API key that can be obtained here. This is user specific and is used instead of passwords.


The easiest way is to just open your favorite terminal and type

pip install

Alternatively you can clone this repo and install it with

python install


  • The wonderful requests library.
  • The magical python-magic library.



from pushbullet import PushBullet

pb = PushBullet(api_key)

Pushing things

Pushing a text note

success, push = pb.push_note("This is the title", "This is the body".)

Pushing an address

address = " 25 E 85th St, 10028 New York, NY"
success, push = pb.push_address("home", address)

Pushing a list

to_buy = ["milk", "bread", "cider"]
success, push = phone.push_list("Shopping list", to_buy)

Pushing a file

Pushing files is a two part process. First you need to upload the file, and after that you can push it like you would anything else.

with open("my_cool_picture.jpg", "rb") as pic:
    success, file_data = pb.upload_file(pic, "picture.jpg")

success, push = pb.push_file(**file_data)

The advantage of this is that if you already have a file uploaded somewhere, you can use that instead of uploading again. For example:

success, push = pb.push_file(file_url="", file_name="cat.jpg", file_type="image/jpeg")

Working with pushes

You can also view all previous pushes:

success, pushes = pb.get_pushes()

Pushes is a list containg dictionaries that have push data. You can use this data to dismiss notifications or delete pushes.

latest = pushes[0]

# We already read it, so let's dismiss it
success, error_message = pb.dismiss_push(lates.get("iden"))

# Now delete it
success, error_message = pb.delete_push(lates.get("iden"))

Pushing to specific devices

So far all our pushes went to all connected devices, but there’s a way to limit that.

First we need to get hold of some devices.

# Get all devices that the current user has access to.
# [Device('Motorola Moto G'), Device('N7'), Device('Chrome')]

motog = pb.devices[0]

Now we can use the device objects like we did with pb:

success, push = motog.push_note("Hello world!", "We're using the api.")

Alternatively we can pass the device to push methods:

success, push = pb.push_note("Hello world!", "We're using the api.", device=motog)

Creating new devices

Creating a new device is easy too, you only need to specify a name for it.

success, listener = pb.new_device("Listener")

Now you can use it like any other device.

Editing devices

You can change the nickname, the manufacturer and the model of the device:

success, listener = pb.edit_device(listener, make="Python", model="3.4.1")
success, motog = pb.edit_device(motog, nickname="My MotoG")

Deleting devices

Of course, you can also delete devices, even those not added by you.

success, error_message = pb.remove_device(listener)


Contacts work just like devices:

# Get all contacts the user has
# [Contact('Peter' <>), Contact('Sophie' <>]

sophie = pb.contacs[1]

Now we can use the contact objects like we did with pb or with the devices.:

success, push = sophie.push_note("Hello world!", "We're using the api.")

# Or:
success, push = pb.push_note("Hello world!", "We're using the api.", contact=sophie)

Adding new contacts

success, bob = pb.new_contact("Bob", "")

Editing contacts

You can change the name of any contact:

success, bob = pb.edit_contact(bob, "bobby")

Deleting contacts

success, error_message = pb.remove_contact(bob)

Error checking

Most methods return a tuple containing a bool value indicating success or failure, and the response from the server.

success, push = pb.push_note("Hello world!", "We're using the api.")

The pushbullet api documetation contains a list of possible status codes.


  • Websocket support
  • Tests, tests, tests. Write them.


MIT license. See LICENSE for full text.

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