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pushover_complete 1.0.2

A Python package for interacting with *all* aspects of the Pushover API

A Python package for interacting with all aspects of the Pushover API.


To learn more about Pushover and the Pushover API, please visit the Pushover Website,

>>> from pushover_complete import PushoverAPI
>>> p = PushoverAPI('azGDORePK8gMaC0QOYAMyEEuzJnyUi')  # an instance of the PushoverAPI representing your application
>>> p.send_message('uQiRzpo4DXghDmr9QzzfQu27cmVRsG', 'Your toast is finished.')  # send a message to a user

That’s all you need to get started with sending Pushover notifications from your Python program. The majority of Pushover’s API endpoints are accessible via pushover_complete. Check out the docs to learn more.


Installation should be as easy as executing this command in your chosen terminal:

$ pip install pushover_complete

pushover_complete officially supports Python 2.7 and 3.5. Currently, Python 3.3 and 3.4 pass all tests and function properly as well, but this could change: these versions are not officially targeted by development. Support for Python 2.x may be dropped in the future, but only in a major version update (e.g. 1.x.y → 2.x.y) and this change will be announced well in advance.


Contributions, large or small, from bug reports to pull requests and full-on forks, are highly encouraged. Read the the contributing page in the docs or CONTRIBUTING.rst for more information on getting involved.

The full list of contributors is in AUTHORS.rst or on GitHub.


Changes as of 23 December 2016

1.0.2 <23 December 2016>

  • “Add” Python 3.6 support. It’s not in Travis as an allowed failure and didn’t require any code changes to pass!
  • Fix a major bug with the receipt cancel API. I was using a GET request instead of a POST
  • Stop using the releases Sphinx plugin for the changelog. Its philosophy didn’t match well with mine
  • Update release procedure based on no longer using releases
  • Some minor documentation fixes

1.0.1 <10 May 2016>

  • Officially add Python 2.7 support and add testing for it to tox and Travis
  • Numerous updates to documentation and README, etc. to make them prettier and more useful

1.0.0 <9 May 2016>

  • Implementation of methods for the Pushover messages, sounds, users, receipt, subscriptions, groups, and licenses APIs
  • Documentation and build process


MIT. See the LICENSE.rst file for more information.

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