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py-lookingglass 1.01

Python looking glass WSGI implementation

Python looking glass wsgi implementation


Python 2.6+

Standard python modules:

  • telnetlib
  • os
  • socket
  • cgi
  • wsgi_ref
  • traceback
  • random
  • argparse
  • json


  • paramiko


To run out of the box just clone the repo or install using pip install py-lookingglass or easy_install py-lookingglass, then:

# python -m lg -h

Or you can use it as WSGI callback

lg.lookingglass(name="Looking Glass", cmds={'profile':{'command_name','actual command'}}, hosts=[('password','ip',int(port),int(connection_type),'name','profile')])

Any additional hacks can be applied before init of class

Check help(lg.lookingglass) for more info

Should also install executable py-lookingglass

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
py-lookingglass-1.01.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-09-02 6KB