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py-serverdensity 1.0.12

Python API wrapper

py-serverdensity 1.x

About py-serverdensity
``py-serverdensity`` is a lightweight object orientated Python library for the `Server Density API <https:"""" sd-api-docs`_.<br="">
The library provides access to all the GET and POST methods in the SD API, takes care of authentication, allows you to post values as items in a dict, returns native Python objects from the service response, and raises exceptions for service errors.

The library can be installed from PyPi using ``pip``::

pip install py-serverdensity

Or cloned from `Github <http:""/>`_ using ``git``::

git clone git://
cd py-serverdensity
python install

Once installed just import the class ``SDApi`` from the ``serverdensity.api`` module, instance the handler with your Server Density account details (remember to turn API access on for the account you're using, see `the docs <https:"" serverdensity="" sd-api-docs#authentication="">`_, and then you can access methods on each section as attributes of the API handler::

from serverdensity.api import SDApi, SDServiceError

api = SDApi(
api.devices.getByHostName({'hostName': ''})
except SDServiceError, e:
print 'Error:', e
print 'Response:', e.response  
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py-serverdensity-1.0.12.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-08-01 4KB