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py3status 0.9

py3status is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python

Latest Version: 3.7


py3status is an extensible i3status wrapper written in python

## Documentation
See the [wiki]( for up to date documentation.

## Requirements
You must set the `output_format` to `i3bar` in the general section of your i3status.conf:

general {
output_format = "i3bar"

## Installation (all users)
py3status is available on pypi:

$ pip install py3status

## Installation (Gentoo users)
Add the `ultrabug` overlay on layman:

$ sudo layman -a ultrabug

Install py3status:

$ sudo emerge -a py3status

## Installation (Arch users)
Thanks to @waaaaargh, py3status is present in the Arch User Repository using this URL:

## Usage
In your i3 config file, simply change the `status_command` with:

status_command py3status

Usually you have your own i3status configuration, just point to it:

status_command py3status -c ~/.i3/i3status.conf

## Options
You can see the help of py3status by issuing `py3status -h`:

-c I3STATUS_CONF path to i3status config file
-d disable integrated transformations
-i INCLUDE_PATH user-based class include directory (default .i3/py3status)
-n INTERVAL update interval in seconds (default 1 sec)
-t CACHE_TIMEOUT default injection cache timeout in seconds (default 60 sec)

## Control
Just like i3status, you can force an update by sending a SIGUSR1 signal to py3status.
Note that this will also send a SIGUSR1 signal to i3status.

killall -USR1 py3status  
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