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py9p 1.0.8

9P Protocol Implementation

9P protocol implementation

The library allows you to use 9P protocol in your applications. Please note, that the library is not fully compatible with the original version by Andrey Mirtchovski.

Also, this package provides two components:

  • fuse9p – FUSE 9p client
  • 9pfs – simple file server (alpha state)


1.0.8 – Neoarchean

  • fuse9p: fid cache fixed
  • fuse9p: several thread safety issues fixed
  • fuse9p: iounit negotiation
  • fuse9p: support rename() routine
  • fuse9p: uid/gid map feature

1.0.7 – Mesoarchean

  • PKI auth fixed
  • fuse9p: “persistent connection” feature, -P
  • fuse9p: symlink support
  • fuse9p: multiple fixes of the background mode
  • 9pfs: new component, that grow up from localfs
  • py9p: provide mode conversion routines

1.0.6 – Paleoarchean

  • Tcreate client call fixed
  • fuse9p client, supporting stateful I/O, “reconnect after network errors” and so on.

1.0.4 – Eoarchaean

  • support arbitrary key files for PKI


  • initial pypi release
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py9p-1.0.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-03 31KB