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pyArango 1.3.1

An easy to use python driver for ArangoDB with built-in validation

Python Object Wrapper for ArangoDB_ with built-in validation

pyArango aims to be an easy to use driver for ArangoDB with built in validation. Collections are treated as types that apply to the documents within. You can be 100% permissive or enforce schemas and validate fields on set, on save or on both.

pyArango supports graphs, indexes and probably everything that arangodb_ can do.

pyArango is developed by `Tariq Daouda`_, the full source code is available from github_.

.. _Tariq Daouda:
.. _github:
.. _arangodb:
.. _ArangoDB:

For the latest news about pyArango, you can follow me on twitter `@tariqdaouda`_.
If you have any issues with it, please file a github issue.

.. _@tariqdaouda:  
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pyArango-1.3.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-07-03 32KB