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pyScanLib v1.0

An combination of Twain and SANE API

Package Documentation

An combination of Twain and SANE API


  • Python 2.*
  • SANE API for Linux
  • Twain Lib for Win32


  • pyScanLib() - Main Class
  • getScanners() - Return Scanner with Name
  • setScanners(scannerName)
  • setDPI(dpi)
  • setScanArea(left,top,width,height) - For scanning selected Area size in Inches
  • setPixelType(“color”) - bw (Black & White), gray and color
  • scan() - Start Scanning
  • closeScanner() - Unselect selected scanner
  • close() - Destory connected API Class

Special Function:

  • pixelToInch(pixel) - Convert Pixel(s) to Inch(es) using DPI from setDPI() or default 200
  • cmToInch(cm) - Convert Centimeter(s) to Inch(es)
  • inchTomm(inch) - Convert Inch(es) to Millimeter(s)
  • mmToInch(mm) - Convert Millimeter(s) to Inch(es)


from pyScanLib import pyScanLib

loadScanner = pyScanLib()
scanners = loadScanner.getScanners()

loadScanner.setScanArea(width=512,height=512) #(left,top,width,height)
loadScanner.setPixelType("color") #bw/gray/color

PIL = loadScanner.scan()"scanImage.jpg")
loadScanner.closeScanner() # unselect selected scanner in setScanners()
loadScanner.close() # Destory whole class

Detail Example:

Check in repo


  • Not tested on Linux however work perfect on Windows.

Used in:


pyScanLib uses BSD 2-Clause License.

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