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pyScss 1.2.0.post3

pyScss, a Scss compiler for Python

pyScss is a compiler for SCSS flavor of the Sass language, a superset of CSS3 that adds programming capabilities and some other syntactic sugar.


You need Python 2.6 or later. Python 3 is also supported.


pip install pyScss


python -mscss < style.scss

Python API:

from scss import Scss
compiler = Scss()
compiler.compile("a { color: red + green; }")


95% of Sass 3.2 is supported. If it's not supported, it's a bug! Please file a ticket.

Most of Compass 0.11 is also built in.

Further reading

Documentation is in Sphinx. You can build it yourself by running make html from within the docs directory, or read it on RTD:

The canonical syntax reference is part of the Ruby Sass documentation:


Copyright © 2012 German M. Bravo (Kronuz). Additional credits in the documentation.

Licensed under the MIT license, reproduced in LICENSE.

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