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pySecurityCenter 2.0a1

Security Center API Library

Latest Version: 3.0.3

Wrap the Security Center API to make connections and queries easier to use. Handles managing sessions, SSL, and processing responses so you can spend more time getting the data you want.

How to Install

Use pip to install a release from PyPI:

pip install pySecurityCenter

Or install the latest master from GitHub:

pip install

Basic Usage

Create a SecurityCenter instance to log in. API “modules” are attributes on the instance. API “actions” are methods on the modules.

>>> from securitycenter import SecurityCenter
>>> sc = SecurityCenter("host", "user", "pass")
>>> ips = sc.vuln.query("sumip")["results"]
>>> len(ips)
>>> ips[0]
{u'macAddress': '', u'severityHigh': u'0', u'severityMedium': u'3',
u'ip': u'', u'netbiosName': '', u'repositoryID': u'1',
u'severityCritical': u'0', u'score': u'47', u'severityLow': u'38',
u'total': u'41', u'dnsName': u'pfsense.home.lan', u'severityInfo': u'0'}

SSL Support

The Requests library supports both server verification and sending a client certificate for two-way SSL.

# verification, system trust chain
SecurityCenter("host", verify=True)

# verification, custom trust chain
SecurityCenter("host", verify="path/to/chain")

# two-way
# cert can be combined public and private, or (pub, priv) tuple
SecurityCenter("host", cert="path/to/cert", verify="path/to/chain")

Security Center can log in a user based on a client certificate instead of a username and password. To enable that, first log in with a username and password while providing a certificate, then register the certificate.

sc = SecurityCenter("host", "user", "pass", cert="path/to/cert")

Available Modules


Not all of the modules and actions are officially documented.

  • admin
  • asset
  • auth
  • credential
  • file
  • heartbeat
  • message
  • nessusResult
  • plugin
  • policy
  • report
  • reportResult
  • repository
  • role
  • scan
  • scan_result
  • system
  • user
  • vuln
  • zone
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