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py_static_check 1.2

Statically check your Python code


py_static_check can statically check your Python code for a lot of common errors. It uses a modified pyflakes code and extends with following things:

  • Ability to specify what star imports resolve to (-s argument)
  • Ability to ignore unused import warnings (-i argument)
  • Better sorting of warnings/errors

For more information check out:

To install it do following:

sudo easy_install py_static_check

Here are some of the things py_static_check can do.

Catch undefined names, even for star imports

Example code:

from os import *

def function_with_error():
    print path
    print paths

import os
    'os': os.__all__,

When ran with py_static_check:

$ py_static_check -s tests/ tests/
tests/ undefined name 'paths

Ignore not used warnings

Exampel code:

from os import path

When ran with py_static_check -i option:

$ py_static_check -i tests/

$ py_static_check tests/
tests/ 'path' imported but unused

Assigned but never used

Like pyflakes it can catch a lot of errors, such as defining a variable without using it.

Exampel code:

def some_function():
    def inner_fn():
        local_var = ""

When ran with py_static_check:

$ py_static_check tests/

tests/ local variable 'local_var' is assigned to but never used

Copyright: 2011 by amix License: MIT.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
py_static_check-1.2-py2.7.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.7 2011-12-19 21KB
py_static_check-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-12-19 10KB