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pyapns 0.4.1

A universal Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) provider.


* XML-RPC Based, works with any client in any language
* Native Python API with Django and Pylons support
* Scalable, fast and easy to distribute behind a proxy
* Based on Twisted
* Multi-application and dual environment support
* Simplified feedback interface

pyapns is an APNS provider that you install on your server and access through XML-RPC.
To install you will need Python, Twisted_ and pyOpenSSL_. It's also recommended to
install `python-epoll`_ for best performance (if epoll is not available, like on
Mac OS X, you may want to use another library, like `py-kqueue`_. If you like
easy_install try (it should take care of the dependancies for you)::

$ sudo pip install pyapns

pyapns is a service that runs persistently on your machine. To start it::

$ twistd -r epoll web --class=pyapns.server.APNSServer --port=7077

To get started right away, use the included client::

$ python
>>> from pyapns import configure, provision, notify
>>> configure({'HOST': 'http://localhost:7077/'})
>>> provision('myapp', open('cert.pem').read(), 'sandbox')
>>> notify('myapp', 'hexlified_token_str', {'aps':{'alert': 'Hello!'}})

A lot more documentation and the issue tracker can be found on the `github page
<http:"" samuraisam="" pyapns="">`.  
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