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pyaxon 0.5.8

Python library for An eXtended Object Notation (AXON)

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.9

pyaxon is an MIT Licensed python library for AXON. AXON is eXtended Object Notation. It’s a simple text based format for interchanging objects, documents and data. It tries to combine the best of JSON, XML and YAML.

Main repository for pyaxon is on bitbucket. There is a mirror on github


  1. Provide simple API for loading and dumping of objects in textual form.
  2. Provide safe loading and dumping by default.
  3. Provide unsafe loading and dumping of objects on the base of registration of factory/reduce callables.
  4. Provide a way for fully controlled by application/framework/library unsafe loading and dumping.
  5. It’s sufficiently fast so as to be useful.



  1. Fix 2.7/3.3 compatibility error with reading from files.
  2. Pretty dumping now is more compact in simple cases.
  3. Now default pretty dumping mode is indented without braces (like YAML); new parameter braces=1 with pretty=1 specifies formatted mode with braces (like JSON).


  1. Refine indentation control when loading complex objects in indented form.
  2. Restore support of names as quoted strings a.k.a. 'the name'.
  3. Make date/time/datetime creation code compatible with pure python mode.
  4. Add hsize parameter in pretty dumping mode. It specifies maximum number of simple data items in the line.
  5. Add more tests by examples.


  1. Fix support for decimal Infinity and NaN.
  2. Fix support for base64 in python2.7.
  3. Add support for complex names like a.b.c.d.


  1. Make creation of custom builders of atomic values easier too (in cython only).
  2. Make creation of custom object builders easier (both in cython and python). This allows you to implement custom import/export for data in XML and YAML representation.
  3. Add plotting of results to simple benchmark script.


  1. Make internal timezone class (for python2.7) compatible with datetime.timezone class (for python3.2 and higher).
  2. Make creation of custom object builders (both safe and unsafe) easier (in cython only).


  1. Dumping is now faster.


  1. Refactor so that .py sources of extensions dosn’t installed.
  2. Ensuire that attribute names and keys loads and dumps correctly.
  3. Add explicit flag (use_cython) in order to decide when to use cython compiler.


  1. Add notebook with performance comparisons with JSON and YAML.
  2. Refactor so that project could be installed with/without Cython installation.
  3. Some improvements with introductory notebooks.
  4. Make project uploadable to PyPI by


First public release of pyaxon.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pyaxon-0.5.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-15 323KB (md5) Source 2014-01-15 354KB