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pybel-tools 0.1.15

Tools for using BEL documents in python

PyBEL Tools |develop_build| |develop_coverage| |develop_documentation| |zenodo|
`PyBEL Tools <https:""/>`_ is a suite of tools built on top of
`PyBEL <https:"">`_ to facilitate data management, integration, and analysis.

This package was developed at `Fraunhofer SCAI <https:""/>`_
with support from the `IMI <https:""/>`_ projects: `AETIONOMY <http:""/>`_ and
`PHAGO <http:""/>`_.

Installation |pypi_version| |python_versions| |pypi_license|
PyBEL Tools can be installed easily from `PyPI <https:"" pypi="" pybel_tools="">`_ with the following code in
your favorite terminal:

.. code-block:: sh

$ python3 -m pip install pybel_tools

or from the latest code on `GitHub <https:"" pybel="" pybel-tools="">`_ with:

.. code-block:: sh

$ python3 -m pip install git+

Documentation and Examples
- Documentation at
- Cookbook at

- Documented on `Read the Docs <https:""/>`_
- Versioned on `GitHub <https:"" pybel="" pybel-tools="">`_
- Tested on `Travis CI <https:"" pybel="" pybel-tools="">`_
- Distributed by `PyPI <https:"" pypi="" pybel-tools="">`_
- Chat on `Gitter <https:"" pybel="" lobby="">`_

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:alt: Apache 2.0 License

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pybel_tools-0.1.15.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-07-21 1MB