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pybrowscap 2.0

detects browsers capabilities and features like css, java, javascript etc.

pybrowscap is a python port of PHP function get_browser(). It tells what the user browser is capable of. It detects browsers capabilities and features like css, java, javascript etc. It works on top of browscap data file.

Important notice

Version 2.0 and higher of pybrowscap supports csv browscap file version 5000 and higher. If you want to use older version of csv browscap file, use pybrowscap version lower than 2.0.


  • python 2.6+
  • browscap.csv (browscap data file in csv format)


Install via pypi or copy this module into your project or into your PYTHON_PATH. Download latest version of browscap.csv file from


from pybrowscap.loader.csv import load_file
browscap = load_file(path_to_browscap_csv)
browser  =

Automatic updates

from pybrowscap.loader import Downloader
from pybrowscap.loader.csv import URL


Tested on evnironment

  • Xubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS precise 64-bit
  • python 2.7.3
  • python unitest
  • browscap_14_05_2012.csv from Mon, 14 May 2012 22:20:20 -0000
  • browscap.21_05_2012.csv from Mon, 21 May 2012 15:48:39 -0000”

Running tests

To run the test run command:

$ python
$ python test


char0n (Vladimír Gorej, CodeScale s.r.o.)


Special thanks to these projects for inspiration:

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