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pybuilder 0.11.10


Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.12.0.dev20180312021905


`PyBuilder <http:"">`_

`|Build Status| <http:"" pybuilder="" pybuilder="">`_ `|Windows
build status| <https:"" project="" mriehl="" pybuilder="">`_
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PyBuilder is a software build tool written in 100% pure Python, mainly
targeting Python applications.

PyBuilder is based on the concept of dependency based programming, but
it also comes with a powerful plugin mechanism, allowing the
construction of build life cycles similar to those known from other
famous (Java) build tools.

PyBuilder is running on the following versions of Python: 2.6, 2.7, 3.3,
3.4, 3.5 and PyPy.

See the `Travis Build <https:"" pybuilder="" pybuilder="">`_ for
version specific output.


PyBuilder is available using pip:


$ pip install pybuilder

For development builds use:


$ pip install --pre pybuilder

See the `Cheeseshop
page <https:"" project="" pybuilder=""/>`_ for more

Getting started

PyBuilder emphasizes simplicity. If you want to build a pure Python
project and use the recommended directory layout, all you have to do is
create a file with the following content:


from pybuilder.core import use_plugin


default_task = "publish"

See the `PyBuilder homepage <http:""/>`_ for more


PyBuilder provides a lot of plugins out of the box that utilize tools
and libraries commonly used in Python projects:

- `python.coverage <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#measuringunittestcoverage="">`_
- Uses the standard
`coverage <https:"" project="" coverage=""/>`_ module
to calculate unit test line coverage.
- `python.distutils <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#buildingapythonpackage="">`_
- Provides support to generate and use
` <https:"" project="" setuptools=""/>`_ files.
- **python.django** - Provides support for developing
`Django <https:""/>`_ applications.
- `python.frosted <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#frostedplugin="">`_
- Lint source files with
`frosted <https:"" timothycrosley="" frosted="">`_
- `python.flake8 <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#flake8plugin="">`_
- Provides support for
`flake8 <https:"" project="" flake8=""/>`_
- `python.pep8 <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#pep8plugin="">`_
- Provides support for
`pep8 <https:"" project="" pep8=""/>`_
- `python.install\_dependencies <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#installingdependencies="">`_
- Installs the projects build and runtime dependencies using ``pip``
- `python.pychecker <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#pycheckerplugin="">`_
- Provides support for
`pychecker <http:""/>`_
- `python.Pydev <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#projectfilesforeclipsepydev="">`_
- Generates project files to import projects into `Eclipse
PyDev <http:""/>`_
- `python.PyCharm <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#projectfilesforjetbrainspycharm="">`_
- Generates project files to import projects into `Jetbrains
PyCharm <http:"" pycharm=""/>`_
- `python.pylint <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#pylintplugin="">`_
- Executes `pylint <https:"" logilab="" pylint=""/>`_ on your
- `python.pymetrics <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#pymetricsplugin="">`_
- Calculates several metrics using
`pymetrics <http:"" projects="" pymetrics=""/>`_
- `python.unittest <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#runningpythonunittests="">`_
- Executes `unittest <http:"" library="" unittest.html="">`_
test cases
- `python.integrationtest <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#runningpythonintegrationtests="">`_
- Executes python scripts as integrations tests
- `python.pytddmon <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#visualfeedbackfortests="">`_
- Provides visual feedback about unit tests through
`pytddmon <http:""/>`_
- `python.cram <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#runningcramtests="">`_
- Runs `cram <https:"" project="" cram=""/>`_ tests
- `python.sphinx <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#creatingdocumentationwithsphinx="">`_
- Build your documentation with `sphinx <http:""/>`_
- `python.sonarqube <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#sonarqubeintegration="">`_
- Analyze your project with `SonarQube <http:""/>`_.
- python.snakefood - Analyze your code dependencies with
`snakefood <https:"" blais="" snakefood="">`_.

In addition, a few common plugins are provided:

- `copy\_resources <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#copyingresourcesintoadistribution="">`_
- Copies files.
- `filter\_resources <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#filteringfiles="">`_
- Filters files by replacing tokens with configuration values.
- `source\_distribution <http:"" documentation="" plugins.html#creatingasourcedistribution="">`_
- Bundles a source distribution for shipping.

External plugins: \*
`pybuilder\_aws\_plugin <https:"" immobilienscout24="" pybuilder_aws_plugin="">`_
- handle AWS functionality

Release Notes

The release notes can be found
`here <http:"" releasenotes=""/>`_. There will also be
a git tag with each release. Please note that we do not currently
promote tags to GitHub "releases".


See `developing
PyBuilder <http:"" documentation="" developing_pybuilder.html="">`_

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