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pycdep 0.0.2

Header file dependency analysis and visualization for C/C++.


PyCDep is a python and prolog tool to perform in-depth header file dependency analysis and visualization.

The main program is

Support and Documentation

Some aspects of the tool are discussed on Additionally there’s getting started documentation in sphinx format. Finally, use can consult the source code.


PyCDep is offered under the GPLv3.


PyCDep is a hobby project of Stefaan Himpe



Release date: 11-Apr-2011

  • Initial release.


  • New feature * sorting include files by importance
  • Order of magnitude speed up
  • Bug fixes: * removed undesired remaining choicepoints in several prolog predicates * files ending in .sh are considered header files of “h” is defined as header file suffix * add missing dependency on python project argparse in * problems with window sloppy file name case on linux systems * do not bail out during full_report generation if no hierarchy constraints are defined * clean up prolog predicates by removing unused arguments * be smarter about where to find the prolog template, allowing to start pycdep from any folder * problems with win32 path handling due to refactorings for speed optimization
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pycdep-0.0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-07-23 44KB